Craft Project Frenzy

All summer I have been keeping myself busy with craft projects. They keep my mind sharp in the creative thinking area and relieve stress.
Check them out:
                                       A used chair from Salvation Army
                                         Recovered to de-filth it
                         A project display board for all of the crafts my kids bring home.

1 used piece of wood, scrapbook letters, primer & paint, mod podge, gorilla glue
                                           Final Product

                                                         My wood pile
                  A piece of wood from the pile painted and marked off to become...
    Love Grows Here  - A height measurement board to record my kids' growth
                                         The first markings made June 2011.    
                                           A future basement window covering
           master bedroom wall art   -1 blank canvas from Michaels & hot glue gun
            Toilet paper rolls flattened & spray painted & glued together
              Final product (after I paint the wall this art will pop more)

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